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Brighton Pride is one of the UK’s most jubilant and life-affirming celebrations of our LGBT+ community and supporters. But behind the glitter and the sparkle of our festivities lies a campaigning heart determined to shine a light on subjects often forgotten. The battles fought and won in the UK as we continue to march towards full equality and the fear, the inequalities and dangers so many LGBT+ people face in countries where homosexuality is criminalised.
2014’s ‘78 Countries: Freedom To Live’ reflected the hate crimes so many LGBT+ people across the world were experiencing. Moscow had banned Pride marches for a 100 years whilst gangs hunted down gay men for fun, the Ugandan parliament had passed a anti-homosexuality Bill that carried the death penalty and in the US the West Boro Church picketed the funerals of gay victims of murder, or people who have died from complications related to AIDS. Inspired by the work of video maker James Brooks, ‘78 Countries: Freedom To Live’ saw Brighton Pride declare solidarity with LGBT+ people across the world.
Brighton Pride Brand & Event Commercial Partnerships - Brighton Pride 2017

Since 2014, Brighton Pride has produced and commissioned short online campaigning videos to highlight both our local LGBT+ history and the global situation for the LGBT+ community.

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